Thank you so much for booking in with us! We have truly MISSED all of our amazing clients!

As we re-open, we wanted to make you aware of the measures in place to ensure your safety with us at Totally Refreshed Steam, Spa and Salon.

Here is our guide for phase two.


While you are in for a service with Totally Refreshed, our staff’s goal is to make sure all our clients feel comfortable and relaxed for the duration of their appointment. A spa experience should be free from the stresses of your day. Our service providers will keep talking during our re-opening phase to a minimum, avoiding topics that can be considered stressors (pandemic, current world events, sickness, etc) will be avoided. Positive vibes only! Please take this time visiting our spa to turn off the world and focus on YOU and some much needed relaxation!

Our promise to you:
· We will Adhere to all local, provincial, and federal guidelines for COVID-19 precautionary procedures and recommendations
· We will complete a health screening checklist with all team members at the start of each shift, your Massage Therapist or Esthetician will share with you their personal health form to show you that they are in good health
· We will provide adequate social distancing opportunities for all our clients.
· We will schedule longer gaps between appointment times for cleaning.
· We will continue to maintain the highest medical sanitation standards which include; Using medical grade sanitizer and disinfectants, clean surfaces in treatment areas after every client, all equipment and tools will be disinfected between each client.
· We will make hand sanitizer readily available to all clients and providers.
· We will assure all providers practice social distancing with each other.
· We will assure all providers wear masks for your comfort and theirs.
· We will be carefully sanitizing our debit terminals before and after every use. Cash WILL be accepted in phase 2, however we strongly encourage you to use debit/credit cards/gift cards when possible for payment.


At this time we ask for your support, patience and understanding as we adjust to this new normal to ensure both client and team members safety.

In accordance with Alberta Health Services Guidelines Recent Update:

Additional Consideration for Massage Therapy & Personal Spa Services

• Clients and practitioners are required to wear non-medical face masks at all times.

• If a client has difficulty breathing while face-down during a massage treatment, their mask may be removed.

• Once the massage is complete, or once the client moves to a face-up position, the client should perform hand hygiene (use hand sanitizer) and put on a mask.

 With your support YOU help keep yourself safe, protect and keep others safe and help our team feel safe, comfortable & confident to perform your services!

 Our Staff will always wear masks (surgical or non-medical) while working directly with clients and anywhere where physical distancing cannot be maintained. Thank you for supporting our local business and the Mandatory Alberta Health Guidelines put in place for our business and the spa industry to follow at this time. With your support this allows us to operate, employ countless team members as well as remain open to serve our community and help you feel Totally Refreshed!


When you Arrive- Please STOP in reception at our sanitization station, cleanse hands, spray off any belonging before entering the spa with the Disinfecting spray as may be required.

HEALTH SCREENING FOR COVID 19 – Clients will be screened for COVID-19 at the time of booking as well as on the day of their appointment to ensure a healthy environment is maintained for staff and guests. The health check is required by the government as part of booking in and failure to confirm this new check in procedure may result in cancellation of appointment.

Personal Belongings – All clients will be asked to keep personal belongings inside their vehicle and only bring in whatever is necessary to pay for their appointment (credit/debit and phone).

· FOOTWEAR – Please bring your own flip flops to your appointment to wear in the spa

· Please do not bring guests or children with you to your appointments for everyone’s safety, only guests with appointments will be allowed in the service rooms.

Running Late? – Please call us if you are running late. We will not be able to extend appointment times due to social distancing of our guests and reduced waiting room areas for the time being. Precise scheduling is important to ensure adequate time for cleaning and social distancing.

Arrive Early? – Please wait in your car and only come in a couple minutes before your appointment. We need time between clients to properly disinfect our tools & stations and will be having limited seating in our lobby. ·

Thank you so much for your patience, support and understanding as we navigate into phase 2 as a supportive community, together.

Totally Refreshed Team